Project Management

As a full partner, PRETEXO will:

  • propose its skills in dissemination activities (see Communication Tools menu) and/or
  • assist the coordinator and all the partners with regards to the management, reporting and communication tasks


  • Making up specific project guidelines.
  • Set-up of the project management, coordination and progress monitoring tools
  • Achievement of project objectives, milestones and deliverables
  • Managing intra-consortium's communication.
  • Organising consortium’s meeting, whether face to face or internet-based.


  • Tracking and requesting all partners’ activities and communicate them efficiently within the consortium.
  • Tracking outstanding deliverables reports.
  • Writting, editing and finalisation of the documents produced by partners


  • Optimisation of the coordinator/partner interactions and of the information and document sharing
  • Set-up and maintenance of the partner/user data base and project key documents - Project Shared Workspace