Communication Tools

As a partner or subcontractor in project communication and dissemination, Pretexo has developed various activities to facilitate and improve information sharing, communication and dissemination between partners and towards the public.

Project Internal Communication

A collaborative work platform is certainly the most appropriate tool for the centralised and secured management of your project ressources and productions.

  • Installation, hosting and maintenance of a collaborative work e-space easily accessible through internet to cover your needs in internal communication in a safe environement
  • Optimisation of partner exchanges by webconference and on-line work on the same document or on the same project
  • Centralised collection and archiving of project data and internal search engine
  • Set-up of synchronised individual work spaces
  • Automatic daily back-up of the project data bases and produced documents

Project External Dissemination & Communication

Depending on your needs in external communication, Pretexo will build with you the appropriate strategy with regards to the objective of the dissemination plan to guarantee a high level of diffusion of knowledge and project results according to an agreed strategy to secure maximum impact while fully respecting Intellectual Property Rights of you project.

Pretexo will assist you through:

  • Dissemination & exploitation plan
  • Dissemination  protocol
  • E-media: design, hosting and maintenance of dedicated web sites, forum and blogs  
  • Publication monitoring and documentation
  • Design and production of dissemination material: brochures, flyers, factsheets, scientific posters, newsletters, etc.    
  • Conventional media: logos, relations with the press...
  • Event organisation: workshops, conferences ...