Pretexo, was created in 2007 by Dr Nathalie Cros a former scientist, currently involved in several French and European collaborative projects.

Based on her experience, she identified a real need in supporting researchers in their various projects, so their can focus on scientific aspects of their work.

In this context, Pretexo has developed activities to facilitate and improve collaborative work, information sharing, communication and dissemination between researchers but also towards the public.

Mainly, Pretexo proposes its skills in various fields:

  • Proposal writing: PRETEXO provides assistance during all the proposal writing process, including structuring of the project, writing of the non-scientific parts,  data consolidation, planner ...
  • Project management: As a full partner or a subcontractor, PRETEXO provides assistance to the coordinator with administrative management, reporting, implementation and maintenance of dedicated project websites and internal project workspaces, and meeting organisation.
  • Communication tools: websites, newsletters, brochures edition ...
  • International conferences: Further, Pretexo has provided complete organisational support for recent scientific international conferences